Once the muscles within the stomach receives an excessive amount of food and liquid passing with the wind pipe, during sex respond to empty the digestive tract to avoid an accumulation of food and liquid going into the wind pipe describes a procedure generally known as INDIGESTION.

Usually eating fresh cooked foods, gradually eating foods just before swallowing, fasting for just one, 2 or 3 days, staying away from eating late at night, minimizing intake of food, belching, reducing the consumption of beverages while eating, finding out how you’re breathing, eating and swallowing relieve the indigestion.

A mix of factors result in the reasons for indigestion. A few of these factors include feelings of fullness after consuming, discomfort within the chest, heaviness with the wind pipe and also the feeling those meals is stuck within the throat.

Making changes in the manner one eats and digests foods will assist you to remedy the anguish familiar with indigestion.


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