Clifford, 42, married with children, explained throughout a phone session he was fed up with not feeling happy and wondrous.

“Like a child, I recall being so happy and looking forward to existence. But my parents did not receive me whatsoever. These were indifferent to my creativeness and excitement.”

“Clifford, how have you feel once they did not receive you?”


Yes, shattered. And also the shattered feeling was too large for any sensitive young boy, so Clifford learned to place a cover on his pleasure to safeguard themself from feeling shattered.

Also, he learned to safeguard themself if you take his parents’ indifference personally, deciding he wasn’t adequate or important enough to become received.

Hurt Feelings

Clifford learned to consider his parents’ rejection personally in an effort to feel in charge of their unloving behavior: “It’s my fault,” he told themself like a child, “that they’re not loving me, therefore if I’m able to just determine the proper way to be, I’m able to get love and steer clear of discomfort.” As he required his parents’ behavior personally, his feelings got hurt. He learned to prefer getting his feelings hurt instead of experience feeling shattered.

Should you look inside, you might uncover that underneath hurt feelings is really a much deeper hurt – the type of hurt that feels shattering.

When you’re inside your wounded ego self, you can easily have your emotions hurt from telling yourself that you’re wrong or bad or that it’s your fault that you’re receiving treatment unlovingly. You are feeling hurt feelings if you take another’s unloving behavior personally.

All of us needed to create our wounded selves to outlive childhood, since the shattered sense of a wounded heart was far too big for the little physiques to deal with. We may have left or gone crazy if we hadn’t had the ability to create our ego wounded selves.

Hurt Heart

Now, as adults, people need to revisit the center hurt we have been avoiding many years. Heart hurt may be the authentic core feeling that’s under our hurt feelings.

Heart hurt = loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, sorrow, sadness, and grief as a result of losing family members, to others’ unloving behavior toward us yet others, to helplessness over others’ unloving behavior toward us yet others, and also to our very own unloving behavior toward ourselves yet others.

Fundamental essentials feelings which were way too hard to feel like a child. Fundamental essentials feelings we currently have to feel and appear as a sort and compassionate loving Adult. Fundamental essentials feelings that addictive and controlling behavior hide.

As soon as we attempt to pay for this sort of feeling, we’re within our wounded self. Whenever we choose to feel our authentic feelings, we available to our core self with deep kindness and empathy for the hurt heart.

The Ability and Freedom of just living Our Truth

As lengthy as you don’t have the courage to have the heart hurt, you will keep to provide yourself up, get angry, blaming and defensive, and switch to substances and activities to prevent your authentic feelings.

Yet whenever you decide to get along with your truth and have the heart hurt of others’ unloving behavior, and of your unloving behavior toward yourself yet others, happen to be on your way toward personal power and emotional freedom.

Heart hurt HURTS – a great deal. And that’s why we cure it. However when we learn how to interact with our spiritual Guidance and embrace it with love, kindness, and empathy, we are able to learn how to keep it in check. Whenever we do, we move beyond fear and dependency and into our power and freedom.

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