The Center in Five-Part Harmony

As Feb may be the &ldquomonth of affection&rdquo (approximately Hallmark might have us believe on Valentine&rsquos Day), I wondered what love would seem like in Five-Part Harmony. The 5-Part Harmony Type of Health includes the physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual and energetic facets of healthy being, and posits that five parts should be in good balance to experience ultimate health. What exactly want seem like in Five-Part Harmony?


Since love is definitely an emotional condition to be, let&rsquos start here. Loving your emotional self means acceptance of what you are and just what you are feeling within the moment (please be aware you aren’t needed to remain there!) Feelings that people consider &ldquonegative&rdquo are just signs and symptoms that we’re out of whack. When we can remain focused and trace the unhappy feeling to its roots, we are able to start to heal &ndash by selecting to determine things differently, by acknowledging and resolving trauma, by acknowledging and re-patterning old unconscious methods for behavior (coping).

Heartmath Institute has numerous studies that report a coherent (balanced) heart is intuitive, and promotes health on all amounts of being. Meditation is a simple road to a coherent heart. Some people might be too out of whack to meditate easily, too out of whack to concentrate inside ourselves and discover our hearts &ndash as well as for individuals individuals, I provide the following simple exercise:

1) Look for a quiet spot to sit and concentrate. If you’re not a visible thinker, light a candle and gaze in internet marketing throughout the exercise, or just close your vision if that’s less distracting and much more comfortable.

2) Direct your attention in the center of the chest, if this sounds like difficult simply place one give your heart and set your attention in your hands.

3) Inhale gradually, and learn the road your breath takes &ndash notice as the breath flows to your nostrils, lower the rear of your throat, lower to your windpipe, and additional lower to your lung area. Contain the inhale spot for a couple of heartbeats (feel them beneath your hands), then gradually breath out having to pay exactly the same focus on your breath around the return journey.

4) Still breathe such as this for any couple of minutes (16-20 breaths) then shift your focus on the area beneath your hands and involving the full lung area. Here’s your heartspace. You might simply continue breathing, conscious of your heartspace, or else you can start to repeat a thing or phrase for example &ldquolove&rdquo or &ldquolove is who I’m&rdquo, or &ldquomy heart is available to love&rdquo. Sit such as this for an additional 20-25 breaths.

5) Continue doing this exercise daily together with your full attention and see the alterations it brings to your existence!


&ldquoA Course in Miracles&rdquo informs us there are couple of choices: love or fear. Create a conscious decision to select love, every moment of each and every day. If you see a &ldquonegative&rdquo emotion, remember it’s a symptom, and respond accordingly. Decide to focus the mind on something which promotes acceptance of self yet others like the Meta Prayer in the Bhuddist tradition, the Prayer of Saint Francis, or even the Prayer of Protection by James Dillet Freeman. These ideas, locked in mind and fond of others, is a means of mindfully selecting love.


Prefer to get love for action, by volunteering or donating towards the charitable organization of your liking. Decide to support social justice and also the planet by looking into making conscious, fair trade, &ldquogreen&rdquo decisions with each and every purchase. Choose non-violent, co-operative solutions whenever we can. Decide to release judgements and listen. Decide to consciously produce the world you want to reside in!


Love the body! Decide to practice non-violence towards the body:

&bull Nutritious diet (no artificial ANYTHING). Consider distributing non-violence out around the world and go vegetarian!

&bull Gentle exercise (workplace injuires, especially self-inflicted = violence)

&bull Conscious breathing (see Feelings above) &ndash activates the parasympathetic central nervous system and induces relaxation and heart coherence

&bull Hydration &ndash two liters waterOrnatural teas daily


Spend some time anyway, spend some time resting, spend some time relaxing &ndash spend some time self-caring (LOVE YOURSELF!) The finish consequence of these physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual actions is really a vibration of true happiness!!!