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Once a year, we are gifted immense liberation. This week is that opportunity. As the Sun and Uranus come together for their annual conjunction in Taurus, the earth sign also becomes the backdrop to Venus conjunct Uranus as well as Mercury.

Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 12-18

May 13: Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus; Moon enters Leo
May 15: Mercury Enters Taurus; Moon enters Virgo
May 18: Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus; Moon enters Libra

The earth sign of Taurus reminds you that you are worthy of all the pleasures—simple and otherwise—life can offer.
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Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

In astrology, a conjunction is the coming together of two or more planets or bodies in our skies. For a moment, we are gifted a new energy. It’s as if a new planet was birthed into our cosmos and our awareness, one that contains the energies of both planets in question.

The Sun is our identity, our sense of selfhood, and our outward projection of who we are. It is the confidence we gain through knowing who we are and the security of feeling grounded amid the ever-changing world around us. It is the light that shines from within, shifting and changing through the years yet always there, always us.

Uranus is change in devotion to liberation. It opens. It reveals. It shifts the ground from beneath our feet, inviting us to look ahead instead of backward. Asking us to release the chains of the past and open ourselves to the future and all its potential.

As the Sun and Uranus come into partnership during their annual conjunction on May 13 2024, they create a space of opening, destabilization, insight, and realization. It is the liberation of all that lives within our identity, within who we know ourselves to be, within how we move through the world, within that which was never ours or perhaps was ours for a certain chapter in our lives yet is no longer aligned with where we are being invited to go. It can be both destabilizing and liberating. Uncomfortable and freeing. Insightful and exciting. Opening and rich with potential.

There is safety in knowing who we are, in understanding where we want to go, and how we will move through this world. Insights and perspectives often based on who we have been taught to be, our past actions, our past experiences, the structure of our lives that we have built up until this point. Who we believe ourselves to be cannot be separated from who we have always believed ourselves to be. But Uranus only ever looks back so that it may free itself from what lives there. And with that freeing, it looks forward. It asks, who would you be if you didn’t know who you were?

An astrological transit that is exact on May 13, 2024, yet its energy is present the entire week. A space to explore the complexities and gifts of identity. Where the bounds of yours end, and where you could move beyond those bounds. Where yours is ready for an update. And where within your identity lives conditioning, narratives, patterns and more – that were never yours, or perhaps, where you are simply ready to be unchained.

Mercury Enters Taurus

On May 15, 2024, Mercury enters Taurus, where it will remain until June 3, 2024. Mercury represents the processes of the mind. It is how we take in information. It is how we learn. It is how we build our mental landscape that then shapes the way we experience the world. It is also how we express to others all that exists within our mental landscape.

As Mercury shifts from Aries, where it was previously traveling, into Taurus, we are invited to take a long breath out and slow down. Mercury in Taurus invites patience, persistence, and sinking into whatever may be our current focus. It coaxes us to spend time with our thoughts and to take time in our communication. To think before we speak and to ponder the information we are receiving and expressing. It reminds us that there is always more to whatever we may be looking at, thinking about, learning about, speaking to—and it is ours to know if only we spend that little more time with it.

Whereas our self moves through questioning, upheaval, and liberation earlier in the week, just a few days later our minds are invited to sink into stability, security, patience, and grounded thinking.

Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Venus is an inner planet, which means she lives relatively close to the Sun. That means when the Sun moves into a new sign or meets up with a slower-moving planet, Venus usually isn’t too far behind. This week is no different. After the Sun and Uranus come together in a conjunction, so do Venus and Uranus a few days later on May 18, 2024.

Venus is love, harmony, and balance. She is also abundance, desire, magnetism, and self-worth. Uranus is freedom, change, liberation, and a look toward the future. However it may manifest outwardly in our lives, the invitation is for freedom in love, liberation in our sense of self-worth, an opening in the way we allow ourselves to desire, offer ourselves beauty, and balance the scales in both our inner and outer realities. It is an invitation to rewrite the script when it comes to self-worth, relationships, abundance, and beauty.

An energy that expands beyond the one day of its meeting, Venus conjunct Uranus is an invitation we will be within all week. It asks the question, where do we source our sense of self-worth? And are the narratives relating to it true?

Your Invitation

Uranus sits at the heart of this week. It’s an energy of change and excitement, liberation and potential. An energy that asks you to step beyond your known boundaries and look around at all that exists beyond the edges of your everyday life. It’s an energy that can feel like a blank canvas prompting you. What shall you begin painting?

Anything is possible. It’s all possible.

There is an invitation to create space in the ways that you see and react as well as the ways that you habitually think and move. Space allows for insights. Space allows for questioning. Space allows what is waiting for us in the ethers to drop in and begin shifting who we are.

As the Sun comes together with Uranus, let yourself dream, vision, and ponder far and wide. See how far outside of your confines you can venture. Let your journeying loosen the roots of who you have learned to be. As Mercury shifts into Taurus, let your interactions and your experiences sink in deeper. Let the wisdom, insight, and information from them be revealed, taking up space in the garden that is your mind. And as Venus meets Uranus, play again with dreaming and visioning, letting yourself rewrite and reclaim your self-worth, pondering on all that would change in your life once you realize your value.

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